Panel Overviews

Morning Keynote Discussion

The morning keynote discussion will be with MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer, who will discuss the creation and commercialization of value in the life sciences industry. Dr. Langer leads the world’s largest biomedical engineering lab, has written more than 1,400 academic articles, and holds over 1,300 patents, many of which have been licensed to over 350 biopharmaceutical, chemical, and medical device companies for commercial use.

Moderator: Rebecca Kirk Fair

Keynote: Robert Langer

Morning Breakout Sessions

Furthering Value with Continued Innovation

This panel will focus on the tension between the market power resulting from intellectual property protection, which is typically at issue in antitrust cases, and the desire to encourage robust innovation.

Accessing Value with Reimbursement and Pricing

This session will focus on reimbursement and pricing challenges currently facing biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Panelists will discuss innovative approaches to pricing, efforts to regulate and reduce drug prices, and the impact of competition on prices and reimbursement.

Moderator: Noam Kirson

Panelists: Rena Conti, Amitabh Chandra, Josh O’Harra, Christopher Ody

Communicating Value 

Part one of this session will highlight original research challenging the relationship between payments to physicians and their prescribing practices. Part two will feature a live demonstration of a cutting-edge interactive tool that visualizes the association between various marketing strategies and prescribing practices.

Moderator: Kenneth Weinstein

Panelist: Joseph Doyle

Plenary Lunch

Plenary Lunch – General Counsel Panel

Our plenary lunchtime session will feature a panel of general counsel in the life sciences industry, who will discuss timely litigation issues. In addition, throughout the day, we will hold breakout panel discussions on economics and litigation topics, including:

  • Reimbursement challenges
  • Constraints on innovation
  • Implications of marketing strategies
  • Financing/securities litigation issues
  • Data science insights

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Enhancing Value with Data Science 

This session will focus on novel methods used in the life sciences to inform both business strategy and the use of big data in the litigation process. Discussion topics will include advanced algorithmic learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced statistical modeling. 

Maximizing Shareholder Value – Financing and Securities Issues

This panel will present innovative financing strategies to stimulate R&D, and examine how finance-related litigation arises when clinical, regulatory, and economic surprises emerge during the product life cycle. Participants will provide academic and industry perspectives on practical approaches to maximizing shareholder value in this context.

Afternoon Keynote Discussion

The afternoon keynote discussion will be with Kenneth Feinberg, and will focus on resolving disputes about value and address considerations associated with allocating value, as well as key lessons learned from settling numerous complex, high-profile litigation matters. Mr. Feinberg is a renowned leader in mediation and alternative dispute resolution who has administered numerous high-profile victim compensation programs (e.g., the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, Agent Orange Victim Compensation Program, BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill fund, and the One Fund Boston compensation program).

Moderator: Crystal Pike

Keynote: Kenneth Feinberg