2019 Panel Overviews

Breakout Session 1

This panel will assess intellectual property and competition challenges associated with biosimilar introduction, as well as strategic issues facing originator biologic manufacturers as they face impending biosimilar entry.

This panel will highlight the benefits and challenges associated with the use of sophisticated analytical techniques in the courtroom (e.g., experiments, natural experiments, conjoint analysis, modern survey research, and machine learning), and discuss their use by experts as they become more widely accepted in academia and business.

Plenary Session

This panel on drug pricing will examine recent pricing examples in the news, emerging litigation, and public policy proposals. It will also discuss novel payment mechanisms that attempt to both preserve incentives for innovation while containing the budgetary impact of new medications on patients and payers.

Breakout Session 2

This panel on current trends in pharmaceutical antitrust will focus on reverse payments, product-hopping, pricing, monopoly leveraging, and market definition concerns in situations where specific indications or drug properties are at issue.

This panel of expert epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and health economists will discuss some of the key issues that are now arising, as well as the new data sources and analytic methods that are currently being applied, in medical product liability cases.  

This panel on recent FCA/AKS trends will discuss emerging economic considerations for the assessment of materiality, causation, and damages during the investigative, motion-to-dismiss, and expert phases of these matters.